Project “Bull-Z-Eye” began life as just that: a project car. It was purchased as a daily driver, received some maintenance, and then began the slow process of transforming the Dart into a reasonably potent street / strip cruiser.

Going through a couple of different names before deciding on “Bull-Z-Eye”, each time was a play on the car’s name: Dart. The real hope for this car is to get a bullseye when we’re done with it: building the car to a fun, regular driver with the potential of making other stand up and take notice.

We began with the basics of owning a classic car, and that was to do the maintenance that the prior owner probably neglected. We changed fluids, checked belts and hoses, and repaired or replaced what was needed. From there, the gears began turning and the plans for the car were visualized. Future plans include a more potent engine, but first things first: we needed to get the car to be able to go a little better, and stop a little harder, and to give us confidence in traffic.