The United States military remains the largest and most prevalent peacekeeping force on the planet, and as such members of the U.S. Army, Navy, Airforce and Marines are always on duty…even when they’re not. This was put on display for the world to see when two U.S. servicemen, Spencer Stone and Alek Starlatos, foiled a would-be terrorist attack on a French train. Along with their friend Anthony Sadler, the men subdued an assault rifle-wielding terrorist, saving untold lives.

Stone and his compatriots have since been on the talkshow circuit to discuss their heroics, including the Jimmy Kimmel Live show, where the former Man Show host gifted Spencer a brand-spankin’ new 2016 Chevy Camaro. Who said it doesn’t pay to be a hero?

While we’re sure the thought of fame and fortune never crossed their minds as the three heroes saved the day, it’s always warming to the heart to see good work kindly rewarded. Besides having one of the most American names ever, the 23-year old Stone has also become one of the first people in the world to take ownership of the all-new Camaro convertible…assuming that’s how these things work.

Not only did he get a new Camaro, but it was delivered by NBA star Klay Thompson, who despite his hefty salary apparently has a hard time driving stick. No worries though, as he eventually got the car into gear to also bestow a signed jersey of Spencer’s favorite team onto the heroic airman. There’s often a lot of talk of “supporting the troops” here in America, and while we can’t give all of them Camaros, it’s nice to see heroism rewarded.