2016 Camaro Factory options decalsA few pictures of concept art were posted on the wall of GM’s Display at Camaro5’s Camaro Fest which took place at the National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park back at the beginning of August. These photos, bought to us by the people at CamaroNews seem to be what we believe are concept art for potential enhancements for the Camaro. Some of these 2016 Camaro Factory Options include ground effects, lighting, emblems and striping options.

2016 Camaro Factory options sill plateThese are options that GM are most likely implementing in the 2016 Camaro and this is there way of guerrilla marketing or subtly announcing it to the world. Some parts could also be over the parts counter upgrades for dealers and enthusiasts.

The order code of RN2 is for that of light up emblems. These include an optional Chevy bow tie emblem which will light up at night or a illuminated Camaro door sill plate where the tricolor Camaro logo in the M will light up.

Everyone’s favorite visual option, stripes have returned for 2016. Both the rally and solid stripes are will be available in a variety of different color options. These range from red to blue to black, gray, silver and white. A side body stripe decal is also available in the same color options as the above mentioned stripes.

2016 Camaro Factory options stripeGround effects, splash guards, and 5 spoke wheels are another option. The wheels are gloss black with a red stripe outline. They also include trim emblems (RS, SS, Chevy Logo) on center caps.
Also available is an engine cover in the shape of the Camaro logo with the Camaro emblem on it. Judging by the shape of it, it’s designed to fit the 3.6L V-6 engine.Other miscellaneous options are darkened tail lamps, floor mats and a car cover.

These are options are what we speculate based on the pictures. As 2015 draws to an end more will be released from GM on what options will be available for Camaro Six. We suspect there will be a ton of these parts at the SEMA show. In the mean time, sit back and daydream.2016 Camaro Factory options