Ron Berry’s ’56 Ford F-100

People strive to make their dreams a reality, envisioning an idea that will intrigue and evoke originality. Ron Berry, a retired resident in Utah, designed and built three customs that look to have popped straight out of a cartoon.

A different vision of car customization, Berry has went above and beyond with these creations. From powered doors, fenders and hoods, Berry’s artistic designs may break classic car and hot rod enthusiast norms.

What’s more, Berry’s custom cars are not only visually appealing but also technically sound. His customs resemble coolness and surfer culture but are also capable of speed with plenty of power under the hood.

Berry’s 1956 Ford F-100 is a beautiful blend of style and power. The F-100s garish yellow paint screams for attention.

The BDS 8-71 blower attached to the chrome and yellow 528ci Crate motor lurking under the hood idles like an untamed animal ready to pounce. The chopped top, curvy fenders, custom roll pan and exhaust shout a modern twist on classic car customization.


Not to mention, Berry’s surfer-inspired design cues are shown all three vehicles. Berry’s “Shorebreak,” is a custom woodie wagon built out of fiberglass and wood.

Once again, the wagon is accompanied with powered features that open its suicide doors, fenders and trunk at the press of a button. Not to mention, Shorebreak has a 302ci 5.0L V8 and rolls on an astonishing 33×19.5 wheels on the rear.

Ron Berry’s “Shorebreak”

From the exhaust tips to the beach seats in the interior, Berry sprinkled unique aesthetics to the Shorebreak that give it unparalleled ingenuity.

We noticed each custom has a surfboard built into the vehicle, a unique touch that signifies Berry’s affinity with surf culture. Regarding Shorebreak, Berry said it took him 17 months to build the car.

That’s fast for a fully custom vehicle of this magnitude. In an interview with Dennis Gage, host of My Classic Car, Berry said he’s always pencil sketched cartoons.

“I’ve always entertained the idea of building a car that was a cartoon car,” he said. “You ain’t getting any younger – let’s do it.”

However, Berry customized another a Volkswagen Bus that is turning heads online. Nicknamed “Surf Seeker,” the custom VW bus looks to have come straight out of “Cars,” an animated Disney film.



With its big 24-inch chrome wheels tucked in effortlessly, the hand-built Surf Seeker is a sight to behold. Its body lines are bent to a degree that almost looks unreal.

The heart of Surf Seeker

It’s as if the Surf Seeker drove into a cartoon and came back out into the real world fully functional. We need more visionaries like Ron Berry to express themselves as freely as he does.

Berry’s affinity with cars, art and surf culture are a fascinating combination that has the brilliance to catch the eye of onlookers, young or old.

With nothing but time on his hands, who knows what Berry could be building next. Keep them coming Mr. Berry, you’re a craftsman with unbound imagination. To see more, visit Ron Berry’s YouTube page.

What are your thoughts on these artistic custom cars? Is it over the top or too silly? Feel free to comment below.