1973 Ford Maverick Grabber sideFor one reason or another this beautifully restored 1973 Ford Maverick Grabber can not sell. It’s been uploaded to Craigslist at least a half dozen times, but no bites yet. It’s a beautiful looking muscle car with fresh green paint job, a solid black stripe, mag wheels and the signature grabber hood. The air grabber hood feeds air to the Blue Printed Ford 302 mill.

The 302 is bolted to a C4 Automatic transmission with what looks to be a B&M shifter. It’s been set up for cruising with 2.79 “highway gears” but still looks every bit the musclecar. While cruising you ride comfortably thanks to modern buckets and feel nostalgic blasting Blue Oyster Cult thanks to a JVC sound system.

1973 Ford Maverick Grabber grillThe Ford Maverick is the underrated sister of the Mustang and the Torino. Initially the Maverick was designed as an “import fighter” designed to compete with the VW punch buggy. The top of the line trim was known as the Ford Maverick Grabber, this transformed the Maverick into a musclecar in terms of both performance and appearance. Aesthetically it added the namesake Air Grabber hood, with a more racing inspired and optional 210 horsepower Ford 302 with that black stripe on the hood.

While this is a sweet and clean 1973 Ford Maverick Grabber, is it worth $16,500? It’s a So-Cal musclecar so it’s rust free and it’s fully restored, but is there anything special about it that demands a hefty price tag? Especially when the more muscular Mustang and Torino can be purchased in the similar price range. What do you say is it worth it?1973 Ford Maverick Grabber{ad:BLOCK}