1967 Plymouth Barracuda 440The Plymouth Barracuda was one of the more iconic musclecars of its era. Thanks to its unique styling ques and aerodynamic lines, it turned heads everywhere. As time has gone by, these cars have become rare sights and look even more unique compared to modern cars. While cruising through Craigslist we found this beautiful 1967 Plymouth Barracuda hidden away in the deserts of Southern California.1967 Plymouth Barracuda 440 front

She resides just outside of San Diego in the desert town of Perris, California. Her soft yellow paint fits perfectly with the desert and not a scratch can be found on the coat.

She has a built rumblin’ 440 RB engine underneath the hood which is tied to a 727 Torqueflite transmission with a manual valve body. To put the power to the wheels the 8-3/4 rearend has 3:55 gears with a sure grip.

The 1967-’69 years’ exterior design has traditional muscle car attitude with a strong sports car influence. While it doesn’t garner the attention of the generation that followed, this second gen model took on European styling and is all American muscle with the unique split grille. The Barracuda competed in both road racing and drag racing, where it was always a welcome sight.

1967 Plymouth Barracuda 440 grillAt the strip the Barracuda was competitive in Super Stock and it dominated the local stop light races thanks to its 440 engine which took the car from naught to 60 in 5.6 seconds and could pull a quarter in 14 seconds flat. This 1967 Plymouth Barracuda is for sale with an offering of $18,000. Classics are getting up there in price, but does this one seem to be legit enough to take in just under $20K?

The perfect car for riding off into the desert sunset.

The perfect car for riding off into the desert sunset.